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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Blueberry 0% Greek YogurtGREEK Yogurt! Yes, it's wonderfully delicious! Located right along side the other yogurt, this one boasts a big score in the protein department! And helping you feel fuller longer! Plus it fits well into a healthy diet! With many different flavors to choose from everyone will soon go GREEK!!!

I fell in love with this brand at a conference, when we walked to the nearest food market for a healthy snack! It is rich, creamy and honestly filling! I love to add a few berries for texture! Sure your husband might sigh when he sees it in the fridge and ask, "how much did that cost". But just tell him there is no price tag on his health (or that's what I told mine) ! And it's worth every penny!
Great to use for breakfast or afternoon snack, layer it in a parfait cup with beautiful berries for a healthy dessert!
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