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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year, New You?????

Go to fullsize imageDoes something magical happen on the first day of the New Year??? 
I know so many people that are frustrated with their health, but unable to make any progress or commitments until 2011! I'm over this, that ship has sailed! Start now!

There is no time like NOW! Think about this logic... I will gorge myself and eat everything unhealthy now, so on January 1st I can start fresh!!! Really? I feel like you would be treading water! Start now, today, so then you will be days ahead of everyone else! The truth is if you are even considering making changes in the new year, something needs to be changed. You are probably better off making a long term commitment instead of a a short term New Years resolution, which has the shelf life of one or two months!! Giving up is like saying that you are better off not making the changes! So stay positive and get prepared to make the changes needed for a healthier you!

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