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Friday, December 31, 2010

???? BMI Chart?????

Go to fullsize image OK, this is a BMI chart! Most of you are familiar with this chart, but many of us might not like what it has to say! Too many people tell me "I'll never be that weight". Some comment "I'm not obese"!!
Remember this is supposed to be a tool, to help you gage where you are, and set goals on where you want to be! Let's get real a weight or a number on a scale is not the only predictor of health!  It is also our diet (food choices) and lifestyle behaviors that determines that!! But the BMI chart does tell us some important facts! If you need to lose weight don't get hung up on the number, just work hard to obtain a healthier weight! Any weight you lose is going to benefit your health! Just losing 10 lbs can impact you health in numerous positive ways! So keep moving forward, continue making positive choices and don't give up! A positive attitude is 50% of your success.
Set some new, obtainable goals for the new year!
  • Regular physical activity
  • More fruits and Veggies
  • Lose 10lbs and keep it off
With these new goals you will see the changes you are looking for!!!

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