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Friday, December 17, 2010

The basics...

Go to fullsize image I think eating healthy can sometimes be confusing, like a puzzle missing a few pieces! But I want to try and simplify it for you!

There are four main groups of foods as far as I am concerned (fruits/vegetables,lean proteins,whole grains, and everything else)! To be successful you need fruits and veggies. There is no limit to these low calorie high volume foods! Second lean proteins like chicken, fish, yogurt,veggie burger, even beans.Next whole grains, like brown rice, whole wheat pasta, bread, barley. And everything else category, look at this group on a scale from highest to lowest calories. Focus on the lower calorie items and try to avoid the higher calorie items like chips, ice cream, burgers, fast foods and alcohol. 

So now reflect where the groups of foods fit into your day!

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