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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tired Rock Star Mom!

Go to fullsize image  OK I admit being a Rock Star mom is not always easy! Ummmm... honestly it's never easy! The other night is no exception! It was following a week of earaches, antibiotics, and runny noses, when my middle son came in my room at 3am. I had barely even shut my eyes 3 hours earlier when  his feet hit the side of my bed! "Belly ache" he claimed. Of course I had to question what kind of pain? Silly me, I never learn, go with your gut instinct! Yep sure enough one empty stomach later, all over my floor, it was indeed a belly ache that lasted into the morning hours! I'm sure you have a few stories of your own that sound similar! My point to sharing this is not for sympathy but to bring attention to the fact that we need to support the Rock Star Moms! You know at best what they are going through on a daily or hourly basis. Team together, to raise the happiest, healthiest kids we can! I can't do it alone! So good luck! May all of you get some shut eye tonight!!!
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  1. We had the same thing last week...we all had it, albeit different versions. I was the last one standing until my stomach started feeling a little queasy... At least it was last week and not this week for Christmas!