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Friday, November 26, 2010

You will POP over this one!

Kims Magic PopMy next new healthy item is Kim's Magic Pop! These fresh grain snack cakes are great for dipping in hummus yogurt or layering the with the toppings of a taco! Even my one year old loved them, they melt in your mouth ! For only 15 calories per large disk they are a little piece of heaven!Magic-Pop: the crunchy, delicious, grain snack that’s incredibly versatile and magically fresh!  Popped right in your local supermarket, this crisp and tasty treat is perfect right out of the bag, topped with sweet or savory spreads, or paired with soup and salad…the possibilities are endless! Here's what Kim's has to say...You’ll love Kim’s Magic Pop because of the airy, crispy texture and the delicious, filling flavor!
- All Natural
- Vegan
- Only 15 calories
- Low in Carbs & Sodium
- No fat or cholesterol
  This is how it is packaged!  OK all you healthy moms check out there website at and enjoy and snack healthy!

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