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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is SPECIAL!

This is one special cracker in my book! At only 90 calories per serving, and a great source of fiber, you can find a box at my house any day of the week! This is my go to quick snack! I like to pair it with my low calorie string cheese at the office! They taste great and I can have 17 yummy, crunchy crackers for a low calorie price tag! They are available in  multi-grain flavor and savory herb! Two great options for your fabulous figure! I won't just grab any cracker box at the store, but this one makes the cut!

This is what they have to say...
It's called the afternoon munchies. Those evil little hours where you start to crave something. Where visions of buttered popcorn and candies and chips start to dance in your head. It's "make or break" time and you need a snack that's got your back.
That's why there's Special K™ Multi-Grain Crackers. Made with whole grains and oats and just a touch of honey, 17 yummy, crunchy crackers are 90 calories. So you can snack and still stay on track (which makes for one "happily ever afternoon").

 Not only do I enjoy these crunchy little treats but so do the kids !
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  1. I will have to look for these next time I go grocery shopping! :) Thnx!