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Monday, January 24, 2011

Challenge Monday!

Go to fullsize image  Challenge Monday is focusing on the positive "To Do" behaviors this week!
CHALLENGE: Have a healthy snack between lunch and dinner. Focus on the time after lunch, but before you sit down to eat dinner!

I know many people who tell me that when they get home from work they are so hungry and seem to make unhealthy decisions! They grab for easy convenient food, that may not always be healthiest choice! So make sure you plan ahead!
  • Have a fruit and pair it with a protein.
  • Have some fresh veggies cut up and in the fridge when you get home.
  • Take a healthy snack bar in your car for the ride home!
This may seem like an easy challenge, but I hope it is useful and you make it a regular daily routine! It will cut down on bigger portions and over indulging at dinner time!

~Please share your healthy snack with me on my facebook page, and inspire others!

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