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Friday, January 28, 2011


Go to fullsize image OK it's Friday, kick off the heels and relax! Or do you? The weekends are always less structured than the week! If your family is like mine you look forward to ordering in pizza, and take out! This could be the explanation for the research that shows that after the age of 2 we take in more calories on the weekend than during the week! In fact weekend gluttony can add an extra 5lbs a year to our waist line! So what do we do to fix this?
  • Continue to have regular meals, even on the weekend!
  • Start everyday with a healthy breakfast!
  • Make sure you have plenty of fresh fruits and veggies on hand for the family!
  • Plan out your meals ahead of time!
  • Don't wait until 7pm to order your dinner!
  • Keep an eye on the frequency of eating out!
  • Avoid drinking too many calories!
  • Make your favorite take out foods at home!
So enjoy the weekend and relax! But don't let the weekend get the best of you!

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