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Sunday, May 8, 2011


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It's the Small Things...

Happy belated Mother's Day!
 My weekend was filled with precious moments and joy, and I hope yours was to!
This weekend I was busy with 2 media appearances and multiple family commitments, which is the norm around here. A dull moment would be a welcome surprise.
I feel blessed to have had the opportunities I did this weekend and 
continue to pursue my passion for healthy living.
But it was not this stuff that made my weekend so special it was the dozen roses, thoughtful card and chocolate cake (yes chocolate cake) that made it so special. My husband knows me well I don't expect flowers or cards on special days but it was so thoughtful and meaningful.
 I can picture him now touting all three tired children to the store to shop for me. My younger son wanted to buy me a special Mother's Day cake and decorate it himself and my boys picked out the perfect card.. $7.99 !?! and worth every penny! I am so thankful for my beautifully, crazy and original life and can't wait to see whats in store next!
Happy Mother's Day
Daughter giving a card, heart shaped box and a rose to her mom

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