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Friday, February 11, 2011

Q & A with Always Healthy Mom


Question:  I am doing great but having a new little roadblock...alcohol! I don't drink much but I love having a glass of wine (or 2) after dinner occasionally, but I know the calories add up. Any thoughts or suggestions? Do I need to stay away from alcohol completely?

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Answer: Great question! We are stepping into a  tricky territory when we start mixing weight loss and ALCOHOL!!!! Alcohol is not very supportive of weight loss for 2 very important reasons!
  • Extra calories that don't fill you up
  • The food choices we make while drinking alcohol
Because of these two reasons we usually try to avoid alcohol while losing weight! But lets be honest  one
(or 2) glasses  a week will not pile on the pounds!

Many people are more sensitive to small amounts of alcohol while on a lower calorie diet and many people find it hard to limit the amount when they do drink! So the best answer I can share is try to avoid alcohol while focusing on weight loss. A glass a wine can definitely fit into a maintaining zone better! Try not to freak out if you choose to have a glass with your friends on Friday night! Just keep focused and continue on the path to improved health!!!! Good Luck!!!

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