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Monday, April 25, 2011

One of those days!

Go to fullsize image Today was one of THOSE days! It seems that Easter wreaked havoc on my families routine. And the one most drastically affected was myself. I was so caught up with shopping for the baskets and brunch, that I forgot about Monday!
Today my children were off school and I still had to go to work... so business as usual until I looked at the calender... a hair appointment for myself at 5:15 and a tired babysitter! Has anyone else wondered when there was time to do what YOU needed to do? After a long day at work and hungry children it's hard to get things done.I think having last Friday off actually put me in "easy street" mode all weekend, and I was off my game all weekend long! O well looking back it was all worth it! 
Family, fun, and memories! I guess being behind is not all that bad, especially when you had a great time with the family!

P.S. It's 9:30 and my boys are still up! They are in denial of 6am wake up tomorrow for school!

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