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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Go to fullsize imageHOT YOGA Anyone?
I posted Hot Yoga on Facebook and got a great response! Apparently this is all the new rage! Very popular in California it has moved closer than we think!

Q:So what is Hot Yoga ?
A:Hot yoga is a generic term that may refer to any type of yoga practiced in a heated environment. The theory behind hot yoga is that it helps the body to sweat out toxins while allowing the practitioner to safely come deeper into asanas (poses or stretches). The room temperature for a hot yoga class can range from 30˚ to 50˚ C (85˚ to 122˚ F). Humidity can range from 40% to 60%. Different methods draw from Hatha, Vinyasa, and other yoga styles. Though the Bikram style was a pioneering force, it is not the only style of hot yoga.

Rumor has it we can experience this at The Essence Studio in Perrysburg! Check out their website

Its great to try new types of Physical Activity! Let me know what you think!
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