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Friday, November 11, 2011


" Veggiecating" Toledo
Veggiecation: For the Love of Vegetables <3

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to participate in a healthy and positive event for the youth in my area! I partnered with Veggiecation to offer the children a health new way to eat Broccoli and was able to share my passion for children's health at the same time! The feedback from the event was amazing! E-mails pouring in to share the recipe for Mini Broccoli Trees with Asian sauce. The kids were able to sample, vote, and learn about healthy eating! I am was blown away at the number of children who sampled the demo and "Loved It"! I think many parents were pleasantly surprised too! Veggiecation gave me the tools to share my passion with my community, with hands on activities geared toward children and the use of positive peer pressure! (This was new to me!) Having done many events in the past ,by far this is the one was most memorable with the help of veggiecation! If you or community are looking for a way to introduce healthy eating, look  no further! The answer lies in the Veggication program!
Support in...
 Visual( posters, pictures, activities)
Tools (recipe books, stickers, voting ballets and much more)
You will have a successful experience, I guarantee it!

 As a Health Educator and Nurse I am constantly looking for support on how to teach children about healthy foods!

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