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Monday, November 7, 2011


 MOMMYvation- is the driving force by which MOMS achieve their goals. The term is generally used for MOMS who seek positive results. This article refers to MOMMYvation. Specifically the motivation moms use to produce the results they want. Example- flat stomach, six pack, sexy butt, avoiding mom pouch, firm arms and thighs, bikini body and overall fit appearance after giving birth to one or multiple little bundles of joy! (Don't act like you have no idea what I am talking about!) According to various theories, MOMMYvation may be rooted in a basic need to maximize results or fit back into skinny jeans.

OK on a more serious note I recently had to dig deep within for my MOMMYvation! Due to the hectic schedule of 2 boys in soccer and a few last minute commitments, my workout routine was as dead as its ever been! Now I could write here week after week and tell you I was jogging every morning and training for a marathon... but I would be most definitely lying to you all! And I am a MOM of my word. So Always Healthy Mom had to get her butt in gear! My weekly class was just not fitting into my hectic schedule anymore, I could give up! But that is definitely not what I would encourage you to do! So I am proud to say that I have started a new and improved workout routine one that does not involve me leaving the house, which cuts down on excuses on my end. I have found a great 20 min workout video and can do it 4x per week! I am really excited, they kids can be playing in the same room as I tone up! SCORE!
Don't give give up!
Dig deep for your MOMMYvation and make your goals a reality!

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