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Friday, October 21, 2011


We are giving away a FUN Lunchbox Love pack to one healthy fan!
To win the Lunchbox Love giveaway share your childs favorite lunch snack or memory on my facebook page. Be sure to "LIKE" Always Healthy Mom and Lunchbox Love too!

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Lunchbox Love

~Q&A Session with~

Q:Why is a lunch packed with love important to you?

A:It's a way to stay connected during the day. I think our kids have to deal with so much more social and academic pressure, even at a young age, than we did. It's nice to have a note from home that reinforces, “no matter what I love you and I'm always here for you”. That's what our notes do.

Q:What is your favorite item (other than a lunchbox love note) to pack in your child's lunch?

A:Whatever their special treat of the moment is.  Recently one of my girls was fixated on cut-up strawberries.  My other daughter liked ham and cheese croissants for a while.  Whatever it is it says "I know what you like and want to give you a special treat!” ( in addition to the Lunchbox Love card, of course.)

Q:When creating the lunchbox love notes what was your mission?

A:Judi and I were just sick of seeing negative messages directed at kids. We know there will always be obnoxious fodder but we can add positive words to our kid's days.  And not just about how great we think our kids are.  Our cards also foster connective behaviors to other people.  For example we have cards that say "Give someone a complement today" or  "Help someone today."  This helps them discover the bigger picture about positive ways of relating to other people in the society they are a part of.

Q:If you could give moms one word of advice, what would it be?

A:Always keep the line of communications open. Talk less and listen more! Our kids have amazing ideas and perspectives on the world and we can all learn from them!

Q:How do you find balance in a career and your family?

A:To be honest, Judi and I are still working on that. It's hard, but the best thing about owing your own company is you can work from home and be around when they get home from school - or if you need to drop off soccer equipment they forgot, in the middle of the day, it's disruptive but doable :) It's a work in progress, to be sure!


Who We Are...

Say Please was started by life-long friends and fellow moms Judi Willard and Mary Fuller, because they were tired of seeing products being peddled for kids and adults with messages like: "My favorite accessory is my dad’s credit card", ‘‘Boys are stupid", or “I’m a Biotch.”
They decided to create a company that produced greeting cards, clothing and other accessories that featured positive messages, but in a hip and humorous way.
Willard, a licensed psychotherapist, and Fuller, a journalist, were able to combine their talents to come up with upbeat phrases and sentiments that, quite simply, make people feel great.
It is no longer a secret, but scientifically proven that positive thoughts and words have a positive affect on our mental and physical health.
Both women were in a place in their lives where they wanted to be able to work independently at a company with a greater purpose. That’s why a portion of the profits from Say Please’s products go to a specially selected charity.

Lunchbox Love® for Kids, Vols. 1-8

Lunchbox Love Giveaway ends October   , 20011. The winner will be announced October   .

Lunchbox Love for Loved Ones

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