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Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest post: Some advice from a FIT Mommy

 FIT Mommy
As moms we always do everything we can to have the best for our child.  We give them the freshly cut fruit, make them a healthy lunch, encourage them to be active and by the time it’s our turn to eat/workout, we’re just tired and we want it to be over with! 

It’s hard as a mom because you’re continually putting others needs before your own.  However we know that the best way to serve our kids is to be healthy and happy ourselves.  I truly believe working out and eating healthy on a regular basis will help us be better moms. 

The issue now becomes time.  Who doesn’t need more?  There’s always something extra that’s being thrown on our plate.  And if you view working out as “I’ll do it when I have time.”  It will never get done. 

So what do we do?  We definitely need a schedule!  Print out a schedule that is in half hour blocks for every day of the week.  Write in the necessities: work, eating, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.  Then see where you have some openings.  It may only be 20 minutes, but it’s still better than nothing!

Then there’s the question....what do I do?  Cardio and resistance training.  If you don’t have a gym membership try walking, running, riding a bike, roller blading.  If you have a gym membership I highly recommend taking a group fitness class.  If you prefer to workout at home there are numerous workout videos/programs you can purchase. 

Yes, as women we must do resistance training.  Building muscle is what gives us a toned look and into smaller clothes.  Muscle and fat weight the same, but muscle takes up LESS space!  And muscle is what burns fat.  Who couldn’t use that? 

If you’re looking for some specifics on cardio or resistance training I’d love to help you out.  I have my own fitness business.  I’m a fitness coach.  I help people with their fitness goals, exercise ideas, nutritional tips and accountability.  I also have some youtube videos that I can send you for some workout tips/advise. 

Now your call to action.  Email me at and tell me about your fitness goals.  Or check out my website at for more articles and videos. 

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