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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chobani guest post!!!!

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My Chobani guest post!!!!!!
“We all know what children should be eating, but we know they won’t eat it!” This is what I was told several months ago by a school administrator in charge of the food service department. I had reached out to her to offer to help with healthy options in the lunchroom. Her response still baffles me to this day. This was her response to my interest in helping improve the school lunch program.
With September’s National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month around the corner, and as an advocate for healthy children and living a healthy lifestyle, I can’t help but be frustrated on all levels with this statement. It’s true if we don’t give our children healthy choices to eat, they won’t eat them. If healthy fruits, vegetables and menu items are not in schools and at home, how can we expect children to make healthy choices?
September is a month to celebrate children’s health and take a pledge to support children with healthy choices. That’s why I am a huge fan of Chobani Champions for kids! Packed with real fruits, protein and bone building calcium! Who would not be a fan of Healthy Champs? As a Registered Nurse, Health Educator and blogger, I want to encourage everyone to help inspire healthy living! We need to inspire positive role models in our communities to help raise a healthier generation and help combat childhood obesity statistics.

Use these tips to help raise and support healthy Champions of your own:
1. Remember to teach your children the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Start by letting them help you make healthy choices at the grocery store and dinner menu.
2. Provide a variety of healthy choices for your children. If we don’t give our children the tools to succeed with their health they will not understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
3. Encourage them through being a positive health role model; make sure that you are practicing healthy behaviors around your children and family. Exercise with your kids, eat a healthy wholesome breakfast, decrease the number of meals eaten out, and fast food.
4. Don’t get frustrated with picky kids. Instead, give them variety and consistency. The more we expose our children to healthy foods the more they will be comfortable with them.
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