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Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to School and HEALTHY Too!

Back to School and HEALTHY Too!

School is around the corner and everyone wants their children to have a healthy start to the new year!

Here are some tips to get them off to a strong start!

1. Set a routine bedtime and get enough sleep!
A Sleep Specialist told my son (7yrs) at least 10 hours for school age children!
Many times during the summer we get out of the routine of a regular bedtime so now is a good time to set some rules!

2. Breakfast is KEY!
Make sure you have enough time in the morning and are prepared to give your kids a healthy breakfast high in protein! Yogurt, Oatmeal, whole grain cereal, whole wheat toast , eggs are some great ideas. Get crazy and add some brightly colored fruit for some added color and nutrition.

3. Lunchtime ideas!
Don't let your children go to school without knowing that you have packed a well balanced healthy lunch or talk over the school menu with them. Guide them to make the healthy decisions in the cafeteria, set some boutries, and take them shopping to choose foods they will eat and and you are comfortable with!

4. Physical Activity is important.
Give your kids some time to play and run when they get home. Many kids today have seen recess and gym class cut, so encourage them to ride their bikes and play ball for at least 60 min of active play a day!

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