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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back To School Survival Guide Sponsored By CROCS

Healthy Back To School Survival Guide..

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Summer has been here and now it's gone!
The store shelves are brimming with back to school supplies, lunches need to be packed and
new school shoes are on every kids list!

So where do you begin?

  • Check off the list of school supplies and get your little one off on the right foot.
  • Make sure to label all supplies with your child's name and or initials.
  • Check to see if your school has a meet the teacher day before school begins.
This will get your child off in the right direction.

Prepare for the big day:
Have a nutritiously complete breakfast! (like a superstar) 

Then turn your focus on refueling during the day!

The school lunch!

Step one: choose a drink
Avoid high sugar drinks, soda, and chocolate milk.
Instead pack them a bottle of water, add some fresh citrus fruit to add flavor or reduced fat milk.

Step two: prepare some colorful fruits and veggies
Try to at least pack 2 veggies or fruits in your child lunch!
This will help them fill up and and get all the nutrition their growing bodies need.

Step three: choose a snack
Children need a healthy snack everyday to keep them focused.
Include a healthy, easy snack to re-energize your child.

Step four: protein power
Seek out the healthy protein options for your child lunch. Lean lunch meats, beans, hummus, peanut butter and yogurt are just a few. try to avoid fast food days and junk food.

Step five: get some Zzzzzzz's
My kids are still trying to adjust to this new school routine but make sure your little one ( school age) is getting at least 10 hours of sleep a night!

Step six: Shop shoes for active feet
Did you know many school are cutting gym class and recess for the school day? Our kids need the physical activity to stay healthy! Make sure to find them some New School Approved shoes to support their active feet! I am loving the look of the New School approved Crocs! Check them out for you active little ones!


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