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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Food Fare

This weekend we went to the fair! 
We went to see the cows, horses and livestock, and enjoy a nice family outing, but what we got instead was a FOOD FARE! I understand that a fair is just not a fair without lemon shake ups, fresh cut fries and elephant ears. I have done my fair share of Fair going with my horses years ago! But I  never noticed how much attention was given to food until this year.

OK I don't live under a rock, I see the media calling attention to new items like deep fried butter and Twinkies but I never knew how hard it was to go to a fair and ignore it ALL! If you have been following my blog you know that my family with a little coaching and encouragement has taken on a challenge for the month of September!
NO Fast Food, Take Out, or Restaurants!
Why, you ask! BECAUSE! It's just too easy to eat out!

How many times do we really think before we order or call in an order? So we decided to take a break from The French Fried World as a fellow blogger would call it! And it has been hard!!! I prepared my kids for the fair, reminded them of our challenge and packed some healthy snacks! This did not help as much as I thought it would. Especially when there are rows and rows of midway to navigate through! It was definitely a challenging obstacle to take on! You can only appreciate a cow on so many levels before you want to move on! On a positive note they did offer sweet corn this year only $2.00 each! OUCH!
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