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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PARTY Time tutorial!!

Happy Birthday

When you think of hosting a party it can be hard to keep the sweets, cake, and ice cream from taking over the menu. Last weekend we celebrated a Birthday in my family, and I want to give you a sneak peak into my healthy summer party.
My Daughter and I! (so cute)

My beautiful flower pots! I had to have to complete the summer look!

The healthy spread!

Colorful rice, and an assortment of fresh fruit! 

Fatoosh salad! ( my personal favorite)

Fresh veggies for the hummus dip!

Beef kabobs

Delicious grape leaves (have you tried?)

Hummus for the veggies (love!)

A happy little birthday girl enjoying her special day!

Fresh miniature coconut cupcakes ( they were fantastic)

The birthday wish
The big Birthday WISH with a pink princess dress!

I could not resist!
Sorry, I had to! The  last one, I promise!
Bye, Bye

The party went great!
As you can see I like cake and eat it too! I think miniature cupcakes were a perfect match! We all enjoyed the fresh fruit and veggies along with healthy hummus and chicken and beef kabobs. Don't forget the salad and grape leaves to top it off! Pair this all with a cute 2 year old, and great company and you have one unforgettable birthday party!

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  1. I came upon your blog through your blog post for Reshape the Nation. Would you mind posting the recipes for the rice, hummus, grape leaves, and your cupcakes/frosting. Thanks!