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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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A little ditty about the healthy mom...
06_2010roskelley022  Feeding your kids healthy food can be a challenge, but so rewarding!  My name is Amy, and I am a mother of three kids, a graduate of Health Education, and I love food.  This blog is about putting into practice everything I learned in college and throughout my years working in the community health field to find healthy foods my kids will also enjoy.

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    I just found your blog thru Amy's post today. It was just what I needed. During the past 6 months I've made better choices eating/exercise both and have lost 15lb.s My hope was that my 3 kids would jump on board with me but that hasn't happened. It seems to be getting worse, the better I'm doing the worse they are doing. Since summer vacation starts next week my plan was to get them to try new foods, help me in the kitchen more, start going to the track with me, etc. Well just because I want these don't mean they do it seems. Do you have any suggestions. My kids are 14,13,9. I'm looking forward to checking out more on your blog.

  2. Woot wooo! So excited to have you write for my blog today!

  3. Dawn
    This is a great question! I have some great tips, and don't worry you are not alone! Look for a post soon to answer your question, I think this could other parents too! Thanks Always Healthy Mom